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Bootstrap Methods

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A practical and accessible introduction to the bootstrap method&#8212;&#8212;newly revised and updated <p> Over the past decade, the application of bootstrap methods to new areas of study has expanded, resulting in theoretical and applied advances across various fields. Bootstrap Methods, Second Edition is a highly approachable guide to the multidisciplinary, real-world uses of bootstrapping and is ideal for readers who have a professional interest in its methods, but are without an advanced background in mathematics. <p> Updated to reflect current techniques and the most up-to-date work on the topic, the Second Edition features: <ul> <li> <p> The addition of a second, extended bibliography devoted solely to publications from 1999&#8211;2007, which is a valuable collection of references on the latest research in the field <li> <p> A discussion of the new areas of applicability for bootstrap methods, including use in the pharmaceutical industry for estimating individual and population bioequivalence in clinical trials <li> <p> A revised chapter on when and why bootstrap fails and remedies for overcoming these drawbacks <li> <p> Added coverage on regression, censored data applications, P-value adjustment, ratio estimators, and missing data <li> <p> New examples and illustrations as well as extensive historical notes at the end of each chapter </ul> <p> With a strong focus on application, detailed explanations of methodology, and complete coverage of modern developments in the field, Bootstrap Methods, Second Edition is an indispensable reference for applied statisticians, engineers, scientists, clinicians, and other practitioners who regularly use statistical methods in research. It is also suitable as a supplementary text for courses in statistics and resampling methods at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels.

Once Upon A Timeless Tale : Puss In Boots

RRP $12.99

When a miller's youngest son inherits nothing but a cat, he thinks he might as well make himself a hat out of it.

What else would it be good for?/But this is no ordinary cat ...and one of the first things he demands is a handsome pair of boots. Puss in Boots is one of Charles Perrault's most popular Mother Goose tales.

With stunning illustrations by French artist Cecile Becq, this contemporary retelling of a timeless classic is destined for a special place on every bookshelf.

Puss In Football Boots

RRP $18.99

Inventive and amusing twists on classic fairy tales, told by top authors

When a young boy asks his gran for a football kit, he is surprised to receive a cat instead! But the Puss wants to help his young friend make his dream football team - all he asks for is a pair of football boots! Hopscotch Twisty Tales combine carefully controlled text levels and word counts with highly entertaining and original stories, perfect for 5-7 year old children starting to read independently.

About the Author

Sam Watkins is a freelance writer and editor, who was formerly a publisher at a small educational publishing company in Cambridge. She is author of Nick Knight (Race Ahead with Reading) and the Creature Teacher series with OUP. She currently lives in Worthing with her son, Owen.


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Girls Shoes Boys Shoes Toddlers Kids
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