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Parents And Toddlers In Groups

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This book explores how psychoanalytic principles can be applied when working with parents and toddlers in groups. Illustrated with lively observations, it discusses how these parent-toddler groups can be an effective medium for early intervention during a period which is critical for the negotiation of a child's central emotional issues.

Parents and Toddlers in Groups demonstrates the particular challenges of the toddler phase and its contribution to an individual's future development and relationships. Focusing on an approach developed by the Anna Freud Centre and comprising chapters from a range of expert contributors, topics include:

    • the history, theory and practice of parent-toddler groups at the Anna Freud Centre
    • how this approach has been adapted and applied across a wide range of settings and cultures
    • the findings of research projects carried out on parent-toddler groups.

This book will be a valuable resource for practitioners wanting to reach parents and young children in community, educational and a variety of other settings. It will also appeal to child psychotherapists and psychologists working in CAMHS teams.

A Simple Guide To Feeding Babies And Toddlers

RRP $13.99

A Simple Guide to Feeding Babies and Toddlers is a guide for parents and care givers. It contains information on how to feed your baby from birth to five years of age. Yuchi Yang, the author, is a registered dietitian and a mother of two children. In this book, you will find information on how to provide the best nutrition to your precious child and how to establish good eating habits and prevent common problems such as constipation, picky eating, and childhood obesity. The book is easy to read and provides you nutrition facts and practical tips that you can apply on a daily basis. In this book, you will find details on when and how to introduce baby foods. You will also learn how to increase baby food textures based on your child's developmental stages. In addition, you will find answers to most frequently asked questions such as: My child looks a little bit chubby. Should I put my child on a diet? My child is constipated. What can I do to alleviate the problem? I heard that some vegetables might have a harmful substance, i.e. nitrate. Should I make my own baby vegetables?"

Coloring Book For Toddlers & Coloring Book Preschool

RRP $15.99

Have you seen that cute chubby Korean baby on Youtube? If so you know already how cute and funny it is. If not make sure to check it out and then come back and get this Chubby Baby coloring book to dance and color along with that cute baby on Youtube. Inside you will find color choice ideas plus the coloring pages of the cute chubby baby in various dancing positions. If your baby, toddler and child love dancing along the tunes of all time stars like Elvis, Michael Jackson or Psy then this coloring book for baby and toddlers is the perfect gift idea. Inside you'll also find a Christmas bonus with many holiday related and frozen winter baby and toddler scenes in the snow, under the Christmas tree, and playing with these wonderful Christmas presents from Santa. If your child loves dancing and the Holiday season and of course coloring along some cheerful Holiday tunes during this wonderful winter, holiday and Santa Claus is coming to town time, this is the perfect activity and coloring book that will make the time counting down to Christmas double fun. Pick up this coloring book for toddlers who love coloring funny dancing babies and other cute baby scenes during the Holidays and Christmas season and surprise your toddler with this funny and cute dancing baby & winter frozen coloring book for toddlers... Pick up one for your child's friend as a stocking stuffer because this makes for a wonderful conversation starter especially in combination with the funny video that you can check out and show your friends! Surprise your baby with this funny, unique and personal gift because this in combination with the dancing video will be an unforgettable and exciting experience for your little one and your whole family!


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Girls Shoes Boys Shoes Toddlers Kids
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